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Unified Communications

eVapt Billing and CRM is ideal for billing unified communication businesses. eVapt solution has evolved along with the growing services offered by the unified communication providers.

Built on Microsoft technologies, eVapt Billing and CRM supports both prepaid and postpaid billing models and offers features such as near real time rating, credit limit enforcement, customer web self-care with online usage statistics and payment through credit card. With rating and billing at the core, the eVapt billing solution can be integrated with external systems or other network elements to mediate and collect the usage detail records/call detail records.

The provisioning and mediation framework of eVapt billing solution, has a flexible open architecture, which makes interfacing with new network elements easier for the purpose of collecting usage detail records. eVapt billing solution is integrated with RADIUS Servers and IP Accounting systems like CISCO NetFlow and Allot Net Accountant, Allot NetEnforcer and network elements like CMTS. It can also be integrated quickly with any Network element supporting XML, SNMP, CORBA or even proprietary protocols.

In voice (VoIP) segment, for a flow through provisioning and real time mediation (rating of VoIP CDRs), eVapt Billing and CRM can be integrated with service provisioning elements, VoIP soft-switches and a record keeping server (For usage collection). The solution is integrated with soft-switches like Asterisk, Cedar Point (Packet Cable 1.0 Event Messaging) and Verso-Clarant.

We have seen our customers launching several services along with existing services such as video and data. While it is good way to improve revenues, it brings in new billing and settlement challenges.

So what are the challenges of billing Unified Communication providers?


  • Managing Call Termination Partners
  • Service Bundling
  • Rating of Multiple call types
  • On the fly tariff changes
  • Payment collections
  • Automating activation and deactivation
  • Prepaid topups



  • Reduce revenue leakage through interconnect
  • Right service bundling
  • Collection efficiency
  • Bettert custimer service

Features flexible pricing models based on duration of access, service level, bandwidth usage
Manages the Subscriber credit limits and credit balances effectively.
Rates multiple services on near-real time bases and presents usage statistics to subscribers
Enables flow through Provisioning and Mediation by integrating with the relevant network elements.
Accommodates advanced payment methods including online payment, direct debit, global prepaid vouchers.
Fits into the existing business by seamlessly integrating with required third party systems
eVapt billing solution is reliable and scalable to support growth in service provider's business
Allows real time system performance monitoring
Supports all business models(Retail& Wholesale)
Facilitates quick launch of new services and ensures faster time to market. Also is flexible to define unlimited number of services