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Home Utility Billing Service Provider

House hold utility Service Provider’s goal is to make you more comfortable in your home by providing appliances and equipment which are energy-efficient . Today, the company’s product line covers all facets of daily life utilities such as heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and appliance service , siding upgrades and other activities.

Customers now can rely on service provider for better deliver responsive service, unmatched reliability and superior products - all at a very affordable price. Utility service providers are dedicated to provide innovative enterprise solutions to utilities, local governments and sub metering companies.

Current system's with the service provider:

Service Provider current system’s are so obsolete that they couldn't really scale up to accelerate the company’s progress and also to handle the changing needs of the end customer. The existing obsolete systems couldn't prove to streamline the workflow process and resulted as less efficient systems. Apart from this, current management Systems are not capable to build highly-scalable environment that supports parallel computation and are not fully integrated. These applications were not designed to ease the processes of daily utility operations while improving decision-making with enhanced information and reporting.

Solution that address customer needs:

Our solution addresses customer needs by supporting flexible pricing plans, service catalogs, automated billing, etc in an integrated approach for increased operational efficiency. Our customers benefit by using the solution for Billing and Revenue Management processes. This solution allows setup of flexible service plans.

It allows service providers to accurately handle the revenue settlements with their respective partners and bill according to the price plan users signed up for. With our solution & Project Management methodologies such as Agile and Scrum combination supported service provider to scale up to accelerate the company’s progress and changing needs of customers. eVapt On-Demand CMB (Customer Management and Billing) aggregates customer data, order details and billing data to improve operations.

eVapt Solution Drivers:

Integration Ability
Payment Gateway Payment gateway integration has enabled utility service providers to collect payments from various methods like Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Money Transfer including traditional ways. For the convenience of our customer, we have pre-integrated with some of the major payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.Net and BoA for eChecks. Payments and collections are activities that affect the balance sheet of a company.
Financial Accounting Systems Financial Accounting Systems enables you to make smart decisions that have a direct impact on your bottom line—increasing margins and improving your cash flow. eVapt has integrated with this current existing financial accounting system. All the financial transactions happened through eVapt are transferred to FAS hence resulting in reduction of revenue leakage.
Service Providers Parent Company Billing System Service provider started using eVapt billing functionality to handle the business process of its existing SBU. So all the required billing operations are handled through eVapt system. And to send an itemized invoice to the customer the data need to shared from eVapt to the parent’s company billing system This leads to seamless flow of integration from one system to another.
Contract Management Systems Contract Management systems provides the organization's entire service community with visibility to contract terms, charges, and discounts. It helps organizations to automate the entire contract process. All the required contract related information being handled through eVapt are transferred to CMS application to enable right contract with the right customers to maintain better customer relationship.
Inhouse Applications Apart from the above mentioned applications there were other inhouse applications used to streamline the service providers overall business process. eVapt is capable enough to integrate and interact with all the applications in the ecosystem so as to share the required data accurately and this resulted in taking informed managerial decisions.

Benefits to the Service Providers
Streamlined business process
Accelerate the company’s progress through improved access to information
Facilitated in revenue maximization
Structured Contract Management
Handled flexible Packaging & Pricing
Dashboards & Reports supported the managerial team to take informed decisions
Effectively handle Partner Management & Revenue Settlements