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Solutions : On-Demand Content Providers

Now a days there are more number of player providing content on-line. But most of them are depending on Ad-Revenue to make it profitable and content is provided on free-of-cost. But Ad-revenue is not a reliable source to make the business profitable. As per the surveys, subscribers are ready to pay and watch Quality Content, than going for free and low-quality content.

In this context, challenges for on-demand content provider is to have the quality content and make it available in an efficient way. In one word, it has to be commoditized, so that it reaches to the right people.

For operators to be ahead of competition, our solution provides various business components like

  • Service bundling
  • On-line payment
  • Pre-paid real time billing
  • Metering
  • Dashboard based Viewing Pattern reports

Which will enable the operators to bundle the content, package, sell and up-sell in a very effective way.

Apart from that, eVapt has a set of fully documented APIs, using which operator's IT team can leverage the business functionality being embedded as part of their service portal