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Solutions : Cloud Computing Infrastructure Providers

Over the past few years, IaaS has evolved from an off-shoot of Data Center into a full-fledged industry . Many traditional systems are obsolete when it comes to an IaaS provider’s requirements. The reason being the paradigm shift in the way the IaaS providers operate. This also applies to a billing system. Traditional billing systems are not able to meet the requirements of Cloud providers. The basic idea, around which a traditional billing system is built, is the reason they are not able to cope up with the highly dynamic IaaS / cloud industry requirements.

Our solution addresses customer needs of supporting flexible pricing plans, metering and automating billing in an integrated passion for increased operational efficiency.

Our customers benefit from using the billing solution for pay-as-you-use hardware infrastructures. The solution allows setup of tiered service plans with overage charges. It allows providers to accurately measure usage and bill according to the price plan users sign up for. With our solution infrastructure providers can set up plans with units and prices for any combination of the following resources:

  • CPU size and power
  • Network bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Other System Software license usage

eVapt On-Demand CMB (Customer Management and Billing) aggregates customer data, infrastructure usage data, order details and billing data to improve operations.

Business modules including the

Infrastructure providers often use resellers and partner channels to sell products. eVapt's solution allows providers to manage the usage and billing aspects of these relationships.

"flexible price plans" management:

eVapt comes with core ability to manage price plans. Many IaaS player comes up with flexible price plans to address multiple segments of customers. But this often complicates the internal process making it cumbersome. But with its ability to handle such price plan, eVapt can automate the billing management. But for automating the billing process, eVapt needs information about usage.

Integration ability:

eVapt has the ability to integrate with various systems using its industry standard Web Service APIs and offline integration. Apart from that, eVapt has the ability to integrate using our very own “Observer agent Technology”. With the help of this technology, eVapt can provide superior integration with any 3rd party system in the eco-system. eVapt’s observer agent technology has enabled us to integrate with various virtualization platforms.

Virtualization platform in your eco-system:

For automating the billing management process, customer usage details should be provided. But a manual upload of usage details will again reduce the efficiency. Hence we have integrated our billing system with the virtualization platforms in our client eco-system. This lead to automation of both activation of services for a new customer (provisioning) and keep track of usage by the customer (monitoring). Once the usage details are procured, eVapt can generate the bill based on the pre-defined price plans and available usage details. Once this is done eVapt can support multiple ways of output.

Service Portal Integration:

IaaS providers offer My Account or Self Care for their customers. This allows the customer to view and manage his usage and billing. eVapt can support these activities by integrating with service portal. IaaS providers have also provided a facility to pay for their utilized services through website. eVapt has successfully integrated various online payment facilitators to support this.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Payment gateway integration has enabled IaaS providers to collect payments from various methods like Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Money Transfer including traditional ways. For the convenience of our customer, we have pre-integrated with some of the major payment gateways. Payments and collections are activities that affect the balance sheet of a company. Hence eVapt saw sense in integrating with FAS systems.

FAS Integrations:

Most of eVapt activities are financial related activities. Updating the financial system manually depending on eVapt transaction will lead to redundancy. Hence we have integrated various FAS with eVapt. This leads to seamless flow of integration from one system to another. We understand that all this financial and operational information should be managed effectively.

Information Management:

eVapt offers a single view screen, which gives a 3600 view of all the data. eVapt the central application for all the transaction related data, the information available in eVapt is very much accurate and can be very useful for taking informed managerial decisions.

Benefits to the Service Providers
Ability to support flexible price plans, hence supporting price plans to fasten time-to-market.
Streamline the business processes
Pre integrated with all leading payment gateways and FAS
Ability to support offline and online integration with industry standards web service API's.