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Solution Overview

eVapt On-Demand Customer Management and Billing (eCMB) Platform

Our customers (Cloud Infrastructure and SaaS providers) benefit from Revenue Acceleration, Revenue Assurance and improved operational efficiency by using our Customer Management and Billing solution. We have built innovative software which meter, Rate and bill for usage of resources and on-demand applications without the need for custom software development

Providers benefit because our product helps them:

  • Ensuring revenue stream by developing a deeper understanding of customers' needs and expectations. Hence, have a better customer focus
  • Recognizing efficiencies and reduce development costs by focusing on their core competency.
  • Expand market presence and increase revenue by creating service bundles for a variety of budgets.

Our products directly address providers' pain points such as inability to support flexible pricing and billing models, distraction of R&D focus from core service development initiatives, insufficient usage data, higher costs for manual billing, and therefore, inability to attract new customers.

The eVapt On demand Customer Management and Billing Platform (eCMB) is delivered as a service. The platform provides the underlying security, scalability, data storage, integrations and visual rendering capabilities. As shown in the diagram below, the eCMB aggregates pricing, customer, service and usage data for business processes. The platform enables integration with various third party applications in the ecosystem.

The platform is very versatile and highly configurable. Various business modules enable the necessary functions in the platform.