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Download Our Latest White Paper - IaaS is Intuitive.

Title: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Cloud Computing encompasses a broad range of services that are available upon subscription.
Satish Garikipati on IaaS is Intuitive. Watch the author in an exclusive interview.


Read an assessment of the SaaS market in this McKinsey 2007 report.

Title: Delivering software as a service
A new delivery method is shaking the software industry's foundations. Traditional vendors should take heed.


Read an assessment on Software Pricing in this PriceWaterhouse report.

Title: Software pricing Trends
How vendors can capitalize on the shift to new revenue models


Read about monetizing a SaaS solution.

Title: Monetization of Software as a Service
SaaS Monetization? How can we approach it?


Read about pricing of software cloud services.

Title: Pricing: A critical P for Software Marketing
As software companies embark on offering their applications in the cloud, pricing of the services becomes a real challenge. This paper by Dr. Kahn will give software marketers thought provoking suggestions on how they can go about pricing their services.