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IaaS is Intuitive

Magnaquest - Panel Discussion at Telco Cloud, Singapore

In today's business, the need to buy the equipment needed to support operations has disappeared: storage, hardware, servers and networking components, including the big expenses concerning their maintenance and periodic upgrade are now the services providers' problem, with the client only paying for what and when they need it. This means that the service provider becomes an extremely important partner, whose professionalism, technical acumen and also ability for innovation are crucial.

Satish Garikipati
Director, Product Marketing (Cloud Billing)

Satish Garikipati is Director, Product Marketing (Cloud Billing) at Magnaquest, a market leader in providing subscription management solutions to global customers.

Satish Garikipati has over 16 years experience in IT industry. He is a Subscription Management specialist with demonstrable Cloud Domain expertise. He is functional in terms of rolling out the product for various delivery platforms right from Conventional Video to Emerging Cloud. He leverages his demonstrable subscription domain expertise and deep techno-functional experience to offer consultative solutions to several of Industry leaders.

He is also well versed with different subscription models such as regular post paid to multi-service on pre-paid model. He has been instrumental during various stages of the Product, Market Requirement Analysis, Customer Engagement, Critical Implementations, Driving the Product Road map, Must Win Engagements etc.,. He also authors several domain specific articles and white papers.

Satish is a technology graduate and has been a speaker at several technology forums, conferences and seminars.