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eVapt Monetization Platform : Partner Management

Service providers should always focus on managing their entire value chains: partners, suppliers, resellers, content providers, etc. To meet critical business goals service providers has to be responsive to ever demanding customer expectations, and must be equipped to introduce third parties quickly to offer new and more attractive services. Evapt system helps in handling multiple partner settlements to multiple partners and this system automate's in managing volume settlements and handle them in real-time, to avoid time and cost spent on often complex, error-prone post settlement tasks. This feature maps the complex sales and distribution relationships and enables the monitoring of business performance at a granular level.

This module comes with the below set of feature abilities:

  • Partner Contract Management
  • Define Partner hierarchies
  • Define and couple locations for Partners for the purpose of enforcing access control to customer information and other related functionality
  • Maintain the confidentiality of business data by giving a hierarchy based data access to the Partner
  • Partner Billing and Revenue Settlement