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eVapt Monetization Platform : Packaging & Pricing Management

To have business continuity for small,medium and large enterprise for cloud computing or on demand service providers restructure pricing and distribution models to make sure they deploy a profitable offering to customer's. eVapt system helps in creating unique packages of your product or service which is flexible and addresses changing needs of individuals. The packaging involves combining various services / products with different price tags and delivers the plan in various themes. The Service / Product Packaging and Pricing feature in the system allows the service provider to plan the services instantaneously, which decreases the time-to-market.

Illustrative list of features:

  • Defining various types of services and products and associated price tags
  • Define a Service based on geography, customer type, etc
  • Adding a package / plan to selected group of customers
  • Assigning rate plans to a package / plan or individual service / products within a package
  • Assigning Package (group of services / products) or individual services / products (A-la-carte selection or Pay-as-you-go model) to customers based on the business model
  • Automates in changing the customer package on a future date

Pricing Management

Pricing is a very significant tool for marketing and business success. Inorder to expand market presence and increase revenue, service providers would often provide attractive Packages / Plans to customers with cost-effective pricing. eVapt system helps in creating service bundles or packages for a variety of budgets with a variety of contract models. eVapt has a pricing functionality that enables dynamic price definitions based on business models.

  • Defining pricing for all service / products in a package
  • Pricing variation based on parameters, like type of customer, region/geography, contract period etc.,
  • Viewing price details of a plan while registration or changing the plan
  • Override the existing price and define a new price for the same price plan