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eVapt Monetization Platform : Campaign Management

Campaign Management module is an email marketing system aimed as a solution for enterprises to build and maintain a relationship with their customers and prospects. It incorporates best in class features of email marketing products and provides for integration with CRM tools, CMB tools, or the client’s self developed system to extract email ids for campaigns. It also incorporates robust processes and systems that guide clients to adhere to email best practices and adherence to regulations such as CAN-SPAM.

This module allows Operators to schedule time bound mails and also automatic transactional emails. It is available as a hosted application on demand, or in other words, software as a service

Illustrative features:

  • Ability to send millions of email messages
  • Reports on messages sent, delivered, opened and bounced
  • Reports on URLs clicked in each email
  • Spam control features: Tools to assist in adherence to best practices and compliance with CAN-SPAM
  • Automatic removal of bounces and un-subscribe handling