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About eVapt

eVapt Inc provides billing solution to IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and On-demand providers. Our productís core ability is managing flexible/complex price plans and automating the billing. Over the years our solution has evolved into a comprehensive end to end customer management system while specializing in our core competencies. Today many enterprise grade cloud solution providers trust eVaptís billing solution.

eVapt Inc has been a winner since its inception in 2006. Our solution is a result of an award winning work done by its founders while attending the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, Austin.

Merger with Magnaquest has been a milestone in eVaptís history. Magnaquest had more than a decade experience in providing billing solution and eVapt was a company with a unique product. The unison was perfect. The result was a system fit for the booming cloud industry.

Cloud computing has seen a tremendous growth due to wide spread acceptance over the past few years. This has in turn increased the need for a solution that is small and agile as well as comprehensive in nature.

IaaS vendors (who have been either a data center or a hosting provider in most cases) saw a paradigm shift when they started providing their services on cloud. The conventional billing systems could not address their requirement. This led to a huge gap between the requirement and the offering.

SaaS vendors have invested a lot into building a system on the best cloud architecture, but they had to seek for a very basic billing system that is inefficient and ineffective. This leads to leakage in revenue, which directly affected the bottom line of the business.

eVapt was a feasible and dependable solution to this challenge. eVapt initially had a set of features that could suffice the needs of a basic cloud business, like billing automation, price plan management, discount handling capability, various pricing based services. Over the years, eVapt has successfully evolved into an enterprise grade solution. eVapt's technology not only allows easy integration with disparate data repositories but requires no changes to the original application. eVapt thus enables faster time-to-market of service offerings and revenue acceleration. Tight integration with applications like the Salesforce.com platform allows SaaS vendors to incorporate eVapt's offering easily into their sales workflow.

Today hundreds of our customers depend on our billing solution to bill to their end customers.

eVapt enables the pay-as-you-use model for Cloud infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors. By using eVapt's solution, Cloud and SaaS vendors can operate more efficiently. The solution handles price modeling, usage analytics, invoicing, billing etc. thereby allowing vendors to focus on their core competencies. The company is based out of Austin, TX and was formed by software industry veterans to enable enterprises, small business and individuals to buy business services on-demand. eVapt's customers continue to benefit in areas of revenue assurance, revenue acceleration and operational efficiency.


Idea-To-Product 2006 competition at the University of Texas at Austin Ė 4th Place.

Outstanding Market recognition in the 2007 Moot Corp. competition at the University of Texas at Austin.

Technology track grand prize winner of the 2007 McGinnis Venture Competition at Carnegie Mellon University.