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Success of our customers is our primary objective . Following is a sampling of our customers.


Consortium of 15 Cloud infrastructure providers based in India, with revenue crossing $300 mn

  • Control Panel to control different provisioning elements, e.g - Turning servers on/off, monitor or change the proportion of usage
  • Manage their customer segments
  • Recurring Billing
  • Revenue Settlement between service providers & partners/resellers
  • Service Provisioning - To track the usage/ the servers

  • Provided a Service Portal which helps the subscribers to manage their provisioning & usage in real time.
  • Added a shopping cart feature through which the customers can update their existing plans.
  • Deployed a Service Provisioning system

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Amplio India is a premier Software as a Service (SaaS) provider which has touched down the market as a boon and has presented the carriers with ground breaking and hassle free solutions.

  • Amplio had to meet the upfront challenge of creating a customized solution for the actuarial industry to include agencies and agents. Billing cycles were often haphazard and required a robust system that does on-time and accurate billing; and payment follow–up . Amplio required an agile system that provides for creation of multiple service offerings for client's with diverse requirements.
  • On-time and accurate billing
  • Payment follow – up
  • Creation of attractive service bundles

  • SURE! has integrated a service catalogue and enabled multiple parameter based pricing owing to variable tax and compliance structures of different economic zones. In addition , SURE! has implemented, tier based pricing in collaborative with Amplio’s sales strategy to enable services to attract volume based corporate customers. SURE! has also implemented bank payment gateway based recurring collections which are compliant with RBI and other regional financial regulatory bodies. The SURE! platform has an inbuilt payment follow – up system that generates automatic reminders in the case of delayed payments.

A leading MVNO

Global leader in providing communication services, Voice & Data. It is based in US. The requirement was for its MVNO operations.

  • Control AAA/PCRF functionality from a central place. The issue was operating with heterogeneous networks belonging to multiple MNOs
  • Managing complex settlement policies across partners/MNOs
  • Managing customers spread across various regions & MNO networks
  • QoS on demand required manual intervention
  • Frequent disruptions in the service because of multiple integrations in the eco system

  • An independent AAA/PCRF server which could integrate with disparate network infrastructure from multiple MNOs.
  • Our AAA has a dual protocol support - RADIUS/Diameter. Therefore network agnostic; supporting traditional 2G/3G networks, 4G/LTE, WLAN based networks.
  • With our AAA, PCRF & BCRM solution, required policies and QoS/Bandwidth could be managed for each of the subscribers.
  • The whole solution was centrally deployed reducing the CAPEX significantly - Lower TCO
  • Enterprise grade performance of 1000 TPS with a subscriber base of 1 million

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A Fortune 500 Home Utility company

A leading competitive supplier of power, natural gas, renewable energy and energy management products and services for homes and businesses across the continental United States.

  • The Existing system could not support the BGE's growth and growing demand.
  • Streamline the Workflow process.

  • Support Flexible Price Plans for the growing product line.
  • Automated Billing solution which improved the operational efficiency.
  • Handle the revenue settlement with their respective partners.
  • With our Agile Project management methodology, it was easy to support the changing need of the customer.
  • Integration with MS Great Plaines (FAS), Payment Gateway(Authorize.Net and BoA), In-house applications

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One of the top 5 IaaS provider from USA

One of the leading IT hosting company from USA with hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide—including over 40% of the Fortune 100.

  • Complex price plan management Usage Metrics
  • Integration with disparate systems

  • Flexible Price Plan management Detailed Usage Metrics
  • Integration with Service Portal, Virtualization Platforms, Payment Gateways, FAS
  • The partnership was a strategic one with RS using our BCRM and we using their hosted environment.

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Joyent is a Cloud Computing vendor of 'Infrastructure as a Service' (IaaS). Joyent's main product is a line of virtualized servers called Joyent Accelerators through which helps support large scale web sites/web applications.

  • Efficiently & accurately bill the customers to reduce revenue leakages.
  • Support complex pricing and subscription plans

  • MQ Billing solution helped by addressing the price plan and billing related challenges.

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One of the leading MVNO from Europe

The MVNO service provider offers qualified customer a Lifeline Assistance program supported by the Universal Service Fund, a public assistance program that ensures telephone service is available for low-income subscribers at just, reasonable, and affordable rates.

  • Integrating with multiple Mobile Gateways like Liberty, Sprint, and Verizon
  • An scalable and an end to end solution - which could support all their business operations
  • Maintaining different workflows for multiple customer segments

  • Replaced the existing solution - H2O and 2 other in-house applications and provided an end to end solution
  • Improved the operational efficiency by bringing in complete automation.
  • Integrated our solution with 3 Mobile Gateways present in the eco system

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One of the leading Pharma gaint from Europe

An multi national pharmaceutical company from USA. Their portfolio includes medicines and vaccines as well as many of the world's best-known consumer health care products.

  • Complex Pricing & Discounts management
  • Centrally managed solution for its decentralized operations
  • Complex Usage tracking

  • Central solution
  • Support for complex usage based pricing and billing

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Using eVapt's solution, PeopleAdmin was able to:

  • Improve service levels and hence customer satisfaction
  • Develop a customer centric view with charts showing up within Salesforce.com
  • Generate new consulting/training revenue
  • Save time from having to manually research service usage

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With eVapt's solution, QuickArrow:

  • Saved on recurring annual expenses
  • Used the service with simple integration and minimal training
  • Better utilized scarce resources on value-added projects & offerings

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The Economist

eVapt's solution helped the Economist Group:

  • Save development costs & ½ person years (as compared to the Build alternatives)
  • Deploy in just 2 weeks with necessary configuration
  • Use the service without any special training
  • Better utilize scarce internal resources to value-added projects & offerings


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If you are interested in exploring eVapt's product send us your contact information at info@evapt.com.