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Your Subscription Billing Challenges vs. eVaptís Recurring Billing Solution

  • Generating bills on many price-plans?
    Easy! A rating engine that accommodates all your price rules.
  • Uncertain of usage-based invoicing accuracy?
    Easy! A metering component that integrates seamlessly with Cloud.
  • Complexity in computing the final bill?
    Simple! A billing engine supporting computation thatís prorated.

We enabled our customers

Contract Management

For managing all your Customer Data, Order and Subscription Info

Revenue Management

For bill generation, payment collection, updating account balances & due payments, and much more

Lead Management

A complete solution for converting potential prospects to life-long customers

Packaging & Pricing Management

Letís you introduce Product/Service in different packaging instantaneously into the market

Partner Management

For maintaining relationship with partners, suppliers, resellers, etc.

Campaign Management

An email marketing solution to build and maintain a relationship with their customers and prospects.

Billing & Metering

For Pricing, Metering, Rating, Charging, Taxation and Discount management.

Customer Relationship Management

For One-click view of the customer for transaction history, usage details, managing tickets and more

End-user Web Interface

Empowering your customers with efficient Online Self-service.

Our Customers